Collaboration Tools Enhance Productivity, Inside and Out the Workplace - Work Messages Delivers in Style

The speed at which technology moves often makes it hard for businesses and individuals to keep up. It's difficult to navigate the landscape of phone, email, and office productivity tools, and expensive to overhaul your infrastructure.

Work Messages is a machine-to-machine, business-to-business solution that can help fill in the missing pieces and provide a simple but powerful platform on which to grow your business.

There are many applications available for most business tasks but very few that integrate so many tasks into one central application. Ease of use and the immediate availability of so many business tools is what makes Work Messages users more productive.

The Work Messages platform is built on a triad of independent technologies.  The first leg of the triad is the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.  Once an independent open source company, then traded to Yahoo and now owned by VM Ware, Zimbra has succeeded in competing head-to-head with Microsoft Exchange in world-class email, integrated contacts and calendars.  In fact, Zimbra offers much, much more then Exchange (See Zimbra vs. Microsoft Exchange). Work Messages deploys Zimbra with custom "zimlets" ("gadgets" in Zimbra speak) to extend the Zimbra interface into the Work Messages content management and phone systems, the second and third legs of the Work Messages triad.


The second leg of the Work Messages triad of technologies is a Content Management System (CMS) based on Drupal ( By centralizing all various resources in one CMS we are able to manage all of your systems with greater ease. Access to the systems is made modern through Drupal's many custom modules and Work Messages Web 2.0 interfaces.

Finally, the third leg of the Work Messages triad of technologies is Asterisk ( Basic and advanced telephony features are handled on the back end by Asterisk, the best open source PBX software available today. Work Messages has built a custom system around Asterisk using Java Manager APIs and inter-application communication (IAC) to make controlling your phone network easier than ever. Your voice recordings and configurations are stored in the Drupal CMS and posted to Asterisk servers for you. You control everything through one of the Work Messages interfaces, which are colorful, fun, and simple.

Work Messages interfaces include a web portal (, an advanced collaboration portal (, and a Desktop collaboration client (Desktop). Each of these interfaces can be customized with your company's colors and logos.  Not only is the Work Messages suite of tools highly productive, it also feels stylish and modern to use.


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